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Amylodex Pvt,Ltd ( Stardex) is starch based powder adhesive manufacturer located at Hyderabad. Four manufacturing plants with combined capacity of over 1800 tons per month makes Amylodex the largest in India. We are known in the industry for quality products since 2003. Customers across the country are serviced through plants / Depots located at Hyderabad, Nizamabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Salem,Coimbatore. Amylodex offers various adhesive solutions for Manual Plant and Auto Plants. Solutions for Flute Laminators, G & N Flute, Maplitho Paper are available . We distribute Dor Chemicals Israel resins for moisture resistant corrugated Boxes.

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302, S.V.Simitra Apt , Sumitra Nagar , Kukatpally, Hyderabad -500072 

[email protected] 


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