MOUNT KAILASH PRINTPACK MACHINES is established in May, 2010 to import and sell Machineries relating to Corrugated Box Making Industry. The Proprietor Sri. A. NAGARAJAN has got vast knowledge in Printing and Packaging Industry.The market and the total tendency of the Printers and Packers have completely changed. There is acute shortage of Labour prevailing in all industries at present, while the demand for Corrugated Boxes are increasing day by day. To coup up with the needs of the market, we have to search some machines with more production capacity, less power and less labour

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sri ram Apartment , plot No : 21 , Door No: 14 , GF-1 , Third Cross , Thirumalai Nager , Perungudi , Chennai - 600 096  

[email protected] 

+91 94455 66288  

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