BK Industries

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BK Industries is the brainchild of Legendary Mr Bal Kishan Thapar, established in 1963. Since its inception, the company has grown multitudinous from manufacturing industrial gears to developing High Precision GrindingCorrugated Rollers. With the ever-growing packaging Industry, BKI rightly diversified into manufacturing corrugated box-making plants and Equipment. BK Industries was the first company in India to introduce elite quality Corrugated Rollers at competitive prices. Right from its formative years, BKI has been spearheading growth and a loyal commitment to its customers. Being known for its stern working norms, BKI always managed to maintain the position of the true social citizen.

Product Description:

Deals in all types of corrugation rollers only Indian Company to have 4 in house Cnc Grinding machines In-house Tungsten Coating machine