Stand : A34C


ABS IMPEX manufacturers and suppliers of protective packaging material. We are a 10 years old organization and our products are trusted by 500+exporters from India.ABS products are shipped to 20+ countries globally. We are into advanced, powerful, highly protective, and economical packaging material used for storage and shipment of Agricultural commodities, Handicrafts, Garments, Furniture, Home Furnishings, Leather Products, Paper Products, Footwear, Metals, Electricals & Electronics, etc.ABS has been instrumental in providing the best protection against moisture damage and safeguarding cargo during sea voyages and storage.

Product Description:

1. Container Desiccants Used inside shipping containers for absorbing excess moisture and safeguarding various cargo during sea shipments from condensation issues like moisture damage, container rain, cargo sweat, etc. Application: Inside Shipping Containers. Industries: Agro Commodities, Engineering Goods, Food Products, Handicrafts, Footwear, Leather, Furniture, Automobile & Spare parts, Garments, Glass, Metals, etc. ABS Brands – Container Desiccants: Drybag – Available in 2 packs. DB1000 – 1 kg, DB600 – 0.6 kg Dry gel– Available in 2 packs. DG1000 – 1 kg, DG600 – 0.6 kg Drysac – Available in 2 packs. DS2000 – 2 kg, DS1000 – 1 kg