Saurashtra Systopack Pvt. Ltd.

Stand : A17


Saurashtra is the market leader in the area of testing equipment for Paper and Corrugated Packaging. Saurashtra offers UBIQUE testing equipment and set benchmark in offering high quality testing equipment as per national and international standards. With over 50 years of experiece in the packaging industry, Saurashtra continues its quest to bring in new and innovative technologies in order to serve every customer and also to keep up with the expectation which come in with the ever evolving market needs.

Product Description:

Box Compression Stregth Tester, Bursting Stregth Tester, Universal Testing machine, Crush Tester, GSM indicator, Moisture Indicator, Concora Medium Fluter, Internal Bond Strength Tester, Tensile Tester, Caliper Thickness Gauge, Vibration Tester, Drop Tester, Short Span Compression Strength Tester, Specimen Cutters etc.... All our macihnes are available in various models serving the requiments of every customer.