Stand : A78


AB KELVA, A division of Chromos Group AG, Switzerland is a pioneer company in web cleaning technology worldwide. Having more than 4 decades of global experience, KELVA is a well known name in printing, coating and allied industries where external dust on the material surface is a problem to the process or end product quality. KELVA has, so far, 7000+ installations of web cleaning systems around the world across various industries and is still a market leader with its design-to-cost and optimally engineered product solutions for the existing customer base as well as potential future users.

Product Description:

KELVA web cleaning systems are mainly of two types - Non-contact and contact type cleaning systems. Non-contact cleaning system works on pneumatic principle and uses both, air blowing and suction mechanism to remove dust particles, loose fibers, any contamination etc. from the material surface. For corrugation industry, a clean board surface is quite important to achieve superior and high quality printing output and this is where KELVA system helps users get benefits over substandard print quality and reduced machine productivity. An ideal mounting location for an efficient cleaning system configuration is on the board machine after the slitter scorer.