BilAnsh Modified Starch

Stand : E37


BilAnsh is leading manufacturer of starch adhesives for corrugation and paper industry, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Under guidance of IITian and Chemical Engineer management team, our products have consistent and superior quality. Our units have complete automatic production lines with high quality controls to produce consistent quality with every batch. Our plant has advance laboratory for product development and production control. Each supply is marked with a batch number which can be tracked with lab report. We are constantly innovating to provide highest quality to our customers to help them stay ahead of competition.

Product Description:

We have complete range of starch derivatives for all types of paper conversion plant like corrugation, tube, core etc. We are offering specialize products for moisture control, increasing speed, improving CS or improving quality. Our modified starch gum powder for automatic plants with electric or gas heating system is a best selling product. We manufacture additives for auto line running with native starch. Our products are Pasting and corrugation gum powder, paper tube and cone gum, resin based additives for paper conversation, dextrin and Pregel starch.