Re Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Stand : A 58


Re INDIA, subsidiary of Re S.P.A, ITALY engaged in manufacturing Automation Equipment and providing customized solutions for various industry sectors that use our products including Paper, Flexible packaging & Printing, Corrugated Cardboard, Label, Metal Wire, Rubber, Plastic and Textiles & many more..

Product Description:

Re Products range: Pneumatic brake, Automatic Web Tension Control system, Web Guiding system, Mechanical chucks and many more.. Products which are mainly for Corrugation Industry Pneumatic Brake: Reel stand brakes operate through air to provide the braking to Unwind. ReCorr to increase the productivity & quality of the product, installed on the exit of web bridge of corrugated machinery, can control the positioning of the material. ReTens allows controlling the tension of material at exit of the bridge before joining phase of layer. ReChase is chaser guiding to be installed at reel stands ensuring alignments of face and flute paper.