Guangdong Fosber Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Stand : A30


Guangdong Fosber Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (abbreviates as Fosber Asia), is a joint venture, developed from Dongfang Precision Group and Fosber Group to establish a foothold in China, and its manufacturing base is located in Foshan. Fosber Asia introduced the high-performance corrugator lines from Fosber Italy and carried out localization in China according to the needs of customers in the Chinese and Asian markets. Fosber Asia strives to satisfy the customers in the corrugated board packaging industry in China, Asia and other countries and regions with demand of world leading technology and cost-effective intelligent corrugator lines.

Product Description:

Fosber has been focusing on the development and production of corrugator lines for many years. The main products include several series of complete corrugator lines: S/Line 420, S/Line 370, Pro/Line 320, Pro/Line 270, QUANTUM, E/Line 180, etc. Fosber Asia‘s product ranges also cover flutes from the common A, B, C, E flute to the micro-flute of F and N. In addition, the Instant Set System has been designed for meeting the requirements of short orders in the Asian market.