Maheshwari Adhesives Pvt Ltd

Stand : A34A


We at MAPL have been in the business of Modified Starch (Adhesives) for more than two decades now and still counting. We are regularly making supplies to major automatic & semi-automatic units all over India. We have three separate modern manufacturing facilities at Mumbai, Pune and Nasik.

Product Description:

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Modified Starches-Adhesives (Corrugation, Pasting & Neutral) Dextrin and White Dextrin. • Based on a long experience of corrugating industry and working closely with our customers, our research laboratories formulates specialty adhesives and tailor-made products, evaluates their potential bonding speed and measuring final bond strength which helps to improve the productivity of the corrugator. We also continuously optimize our adhesives for the changing needs of our clients.