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Erhardt + Leimer is more than 97 years old family owned German Multinational Company having 14 subsidiaries across the globe. We are specialist in web handling and tension control system with dedicated division for corrugation industry worldwide. We have established a strong foothold in Indian corrugation industry in less than a decade as a result of product quality, widespread service support and technical competence.

Product Description:

Our products for corrugation Industry:1. Corr. Aligner : Bridge guiding system for 2 single faced webs with respect to the outer liner paper with an accuracy upto +/- 1mm 2 Tension Master : Automatic loadcell based closed loop system for tension control of actual tension in single faced webs with reference to set tension value at bridge during job change, reel change. 3. ELCORR Roller : A completely mechanical tension compensating roller for cross tension variation due to GSM difference in paper. 4. Trim Master : Automatic slitter scorer alignment system with board position.